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Complaint to the EFTA Surveillance Authority.
Wednesday, May 21, 2003
The complaint in Word document here

Atlí Gislason
Attorney at law. Ingólfsstrćti 5. 101 Reykjavik. Iceland

Elvira Mendez Pinedo
Doctor in law. Abogado. Grundarstigur 4. 101 Reykjavik. Iceland.

EFTA Surveillance Authority
74 Rue de Trčves
B-1040 Brussels

To the President of the EFTA Surveillance Authority

REF: Complaint to the EFTA Surveillance Authority concerning failure by the Republic of Iceland to comply with EEA Law

By means of this letter and enclosed documents we present a complaint to your Authority in the name of a certain number of complainants who maintain that Iceland has not complied with the relevant EEA provisions while implementing the environmental impact assessment procedure of a project on a hydropower plant to be built at the location of Kárahnjúkar in the east of the country. As the complaint will describe in all detail, the complainants argue that the Icelandic Ministry for the Environment has violated the provisions of the Directive 97/11/EC on the assessment of the effects of certain public and private projects on the environment and some important guarantees established by the Directive 90/313/EEC on freedom of access to information on the environment.

We therefore request the EFTA Surveillance Authority to examine thoroughly this complaint and to initiate an infringement procedure against Iceland before the EFTA Court. As for the further development of this procedure we also request the nomination for this case of an alternative judge as the present magistrate representing this country, Mr. Ţorgeir Örlygsson has been involved -as the former Secretary Permanent of the Ministry for the Industry -in the previous stages of this complaint and cannot comply with the highest standards of independence required for this task.

We submit these documents with the highest respect for your authority in the general surveillance of the European Economic Area rules of law.

Signed in Reykjavik on the 14th of April of 2003

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