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Protests against the Karahnukar Hydro Project
Thursday, January 16, 2003
On Wednesday night, January 15, some 1500 people gathered in the City Theatre in Reykjavik in order to protest to planned Karahnukar Hydro Power Project (630 MW), which is to provide energy for an Alcoa owned aluminum smelter in East Iceland. Many people had to turn away because the Theatre was absolutely full.

The day after some 1000 gathered outside the City Council in order to protest to the Council of Reykjavik imminent decision, as 45% owner of Landsvirkjun, the National Power Company, to provide financial backing for the Project, without which Landsvirkjun would hardly be able to finance the project.

Protests have taken place outside the parliament building every weekday since August last year. Meetings with lectures on conservation, hydro power schemes, etc. as well as artists, have took place all Saturdays since October last with a short break for Christmas.

Protests are likely to continue.

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