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Lawsuit against the Environment Minister
Saturday, June 15, 2002
The three individuals and INCA demanded that the ruling by the Environment Minister regarding EIA of the Karahnukar Power Plant be declared null and void and that the Environment Minister be ordered to confirm the ruling by the Planning Agency of August 1 last year.

The Environment Minister overturned the ruling by the Planning Agency of December 20 last year, which ruled against the Karahnukar Dam Project on August 1. The plaintiffs’s main demand, however, was dismissed by the High Court as well as by the District Court on the premise that INCA and the three individuals did not have legal standing in a court of law.

This was the main demand by the plaintiffs but their second demand was the ruling be the Minister be declared void because the Minister’s ruling had been based on illegal procedure. The High Court ruled that the plaintiffs have a legal standing and they have decided to launch a new lawsuit against the Environment Minister and Landsvirkjun.

According to the ruling by the District Court the plaintiffs would have had to sue over one hundred individuals who appealed the ruling by the Planning Agency to the Environment Minister. In the ruling by the High Court it says, however, it can not be seen how many in this group have legal standing in the matter.


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